Good Food Box

The Good Food Box is the next best thing to having a fruit & vegetable stand right on your corner! This produce is as ripe and juicy as you would find at your local grocery store. It sells for a not-for-profit price, often saving you as much as 1/3 to 1/2 of your usual produce bill.

Good Food Box

Good Food Box
Getting a Good Food Box is simple:
Each neighbourhood drop-off site (depot) has a volunteer coordinator who collects advanced cash payment for the box. The produce is brought to our warehouse where a team of dedicated volunteers help carefully sort and pach each box. Our drivers then deliver the boxes to depots throughout the city - within hours of our having received the produce. Then just head over to your depot, fill your bags and take your delicous produce home. Two weeks later, we do it again.
You choose your order & come into ARCA Mon-Wed from 1-4pm to place your order & pay Wednesday the week before; then the following Wednesday head back to ARCA, fill your bags and take your delicious produce home.

Please contact us to place your order at 306.522.3930 or email  Orders can be placed during office hours (Mon, Wed, Fri from 10-2) or by emailing  anytime. We also accept payment by e-transfer to  

Good Food Box
Good Food Boxes

The following boxes come with six standard produce items: Potatoes, Tomatoes, Letuce, Apples, Oranges & Bannans. Additioonal contents depend on price and season.

Mini Supreme: $12.50
Contains the 6 standards and typically 1-2 other fruits and 1-2 other veggies.

Gardeners Choice: $17.50
Contains the 6 standards and typically 2-4 other fruits and 2-3 other veggies.

The Harvest: $21.50
Contains the 6 standards and typically 2-4 other fruits and 2-4 other veggies.

Also Available:

Fruit Deluxe: $17.50
Contains the all fruit including apples, oranges, bananas and 3-5 other fruits depending on price and season.

Good Food Box


With the purchase of a Good Food Box, you can also order:

Fun Fruit: $7.00
This all fruit bag will make a sweet addition to your order! It includes apples, oranges, banans and 2-3 other fruits that vary by week.

Very Veggie: $7.00
Add this healthy bag of veggies to your order for an even greater variety! Contents vary by week.

Pantry Pack: $8.50
Stock your cupboards with these essentials! Bread, Eggs, Pasta, Rice, Brown Beans & Chicken Noodle Soup. (Contents subject to change)

Breakfast Box: $8.50
Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Cheerios, Oatmeal & Pancake Mix.

Good Food Box

Enjoy the convenience of fresh produce delivered right to your community centre, and for less than you would pay in most stores!
If you're new to THE GOOD FOOD BOX all the details, including box contents and pricing can be found below. 
To place your order call 306-522-3930 or email 

Good Food Box

Good Food Box